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Over 90% of the world’s churches have 100 members or less. Most of these cannot support a full-time pastor, church staff or lay leadership. Often, therefore, the pastor and lay leadership have other full-time employment to provide financial support. While many have advanced degrees in their secular work fields, they may not have had the opportunity to pursue education from a traditional seminary or courses specifically targeted toward solid biblical theology and the practical aspects of ministry. For most pastors outside the United States, such education was never a possibility. . . until now!  Here is what you should consider:

  • A solid understanding of what the Bible teaches about God, His relationship to man and His plans for redemption (theology) are the foundation of any Christian ministry.
  • The ability to communicate those truths is essential to effective ministry.
  • The skills to discern and address false teaching is vitally important in our time.
  • Making disciples, much less disciple-makers, is impossible without a strong, applicable theological foundation.
  • Weak, unsupported faith is the prime target for Satanic attack.

Traditionally, Christian leaders would set aside two to three years to attend a seminary on campus prior to entering full-time ministry.  More recently, those traditional schools have offered online courses with only occasional campus visits. The tuition, however, remains out of reach for many pastors and lay leaders.

Solution: The Pastorsworkshop Seminary

Pastors, church staff members and lay leaders alike are welcome to take advantage of this study program, regardless of your past educational achievement.  The purpose of this program is to equip busy Christian leaders with a solid theological basis for faith, tools to defend that faith and practical guidance on church leadership.  Our motto is:

Affordable – Practical – Obtainable

To lower tuition costs the Master’s Certificate in Biblical Studies is available without formal accreditation from an expensive governing academic body, though an accredited track is available at a higher cost through our strategic educational partners. Pastorsworkshop is duly registered and tax-exempt status approval is pending for our scholarship fund.  Consider this:

  • Our faculty have all achieved advanced seminary degrees, most with their doctoral degrees from traditional seminaries, some with multiple earned doctorates.
  • Pastorsworkshop Seminary is recognized by the Florida (U.S.) Department of Education as a Religious Education Institution.
  • The tuition is low because there is no large campus, buildings or salaries requiring financial endowment or support.
  • The course content is the same conservative, Biblical and solid content one would expect from a traditional seminary-level education. While the language has been made more comfortable, the substance has not been diluted.
  • The entire course is available via online digital video teaching by our faculty. There are no required trips to a campus, even for graduation, no additional books to buy and no hidden fees.
  • The application/enrollment fee is $47.95 and must accompany your application. Once you complete the online form and are accepted as a student, you will be taken to a secure site for one-time tuition payment. [See note on scholarships below.]  You will then be given a unique, secure login id and password to access the courses.
  • Pastorsworkshop Seminary is recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a Religious Education Institution.


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Please submit your enrollment form today to begin this exciting journey. Once the application/enrollment fee of $47.95 has been submitted, and you have been enrolled, you will need to process payment of the full tuition ($2,495 U.S.), or indicate (1) Your need for a scholarship with explanation; and, (2) Make a donation of any amount to indicate your commitment to this course and those who provide this service. Upon completion, simply click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen.

Once your application is received and approved, you will be sent via email a unique User ID and Login Code to access the video teaching and printed materials, including required tests. No one else may use this code. Further instructions will appear in the Introductory Video prepared just for new students. This is the first video you will view online.

Please look in your junk or spam email folder for our confirmation emails if you do not receive them.


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    Pastorsworkshop Scholarship Fund

    This fund has been established to assist with tuition costs for Christian leaders outside the United States.  To apply for assistance, please complete your enrollment form and indicate you are requesting a scholarship. Once approved, a donation of any amount is accepted, and a scholarship covers the remaining tuition costs.