A Biblical Perspective on Worship





“A Biblical Perspective on Worship” provides 22 seminary-level classes contained in 6 digital videos recorded by renown Christian musician and teacher, John G. Gage, McM.  John’s years of experience and unusual giftedness qualify him as a Leader Among Leaders in Christian Worship.  An extraordinary instrumentalist, author, composer, arranger and conductor, John has served with such notable pastors as Charles Stanley, Charles Carter and Roger Spradlin.  He has led groups of musicians on mission-oriented trips and performed in the United States, Europe, Asia, Central and South America.  In this course you will study topics such as  Principles of Worship, Preparation For Worship, Practical Application of Worship, Designing an Effective Service of Worship, Worship Team Spiritual Growth and Excellence in Worship with  Additional Resources.  All video courses are accompanied by a downloadable PDF course manuscript.  For $127 you will own one of the most outstanding Worship resources available anywhere.  Versions will soon be available in Spanish, Portuguese, German and Korean.  If you would appreciate a frame-ready Certificate in Biblical Worship Studies from Pastorsworkshop Seminary, simply order the “Certificate Worship Track” as shown under “You may also like…”.  The additional $47 cost ($174 total) includes online tests for qualification.  Get started today and encourage your friends to take advantage of this powerful resource.


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